EKI B.V. Nijmegen Producent van celrubber in rollen en platen, zelfklevend EPDM.

EPDM celrubber, Zellkautschuk, EPDM schuim.

Closed cell foam EPDM, Zellkautschuk.

Closed cell foam EPDM, Zellkautschuk.EKI B.V.: manufacturer of closed cell foam rubber in rolls and sheets:

EKI B.V. sells different types of expanded foam rubber.

Closed cell EPDM foam rubber 

 Closed cell foam rubber EPDM has a good UV- and ageing resistance and does not stain on for example white paint. Closed cell rubber EPDM has good mechanical properties and is often used as expansion joints, weatherstrips or rubber sealants to absorb shocks or to seal against water and air. This EPDM foam rubber is used in steel and aluminium windows, the electro industry and the automotive industry.

Closed cell neoprene foam rubber

Closed cell foam rubber neoprene is used in construction, automotive and shipping industry. This closed cell rubber neoprene tape has a wide range of applications: weatherstripping and weather-sealing of doors and windows, expansion joints, assembly tape, shock absorption and flexible foam seals. Neoprene foam rubber has a good resistance against UV rays and ageing, is flame retardant and has a good resistance to oil.

Closed cell NR foam rubber NR rubber foam has excellent mechanical characteristics.

Closed cell NBR/PVC foam rubber Nitril rubber foam has a very high oil and chemicals resistance and is for example used in offshore oil platforms.

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